Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lyrics to a song I wrote.

Here are the lyrics to a song I wrote a while back. I have a melody and everything; I can hear it in my head - it would be a metalcore song similar to early Haste the Day (think Blue 42). It's about a person realizing they've been living for themselves and coming to find God. The first and last part would be the only clean vocals, the rest would be screamed. Let me know what you think:

Sitting in the darkness, I arrive at the conclusion
that everything I've ever said or done has been for naught
Is this the life to keep on living? I don't think so
Someone lead me to the path down which I must travel

As I'm sitting here, I realize that all I've ever done has been for nothing
My whole entire life, I have wasted it, just living for my own selfishness
I have stepped on, I have spit upon, tore others down just for my gain
I can't live like this any longer it makes me so disgusted
I need something to live my life for, but I have no clue just what that is

I cry out, "Oh, God of the universe,who ever it is you are,
reveal yourself to me, I feel you're what I need. Please tell me just what to do!
Is there a difference between all the religions? I don't even have a clue!"
I am listening completely silently to see if he replies to me,
and all of the sudden, I am feeling something, something I've never felt before
A feeling covers me; contentedness fills me; I am sure that I'll get through

And I feel so perfect now - I know what I have to do
Jesus Christ saved my life - he's the path that I now choose

Standing in the light now I've arrived at the conclusion
that everything I ever said or did, I did for naught
That's not the way to keep on living, no it's not so,
Jesus lead me to the path down which I now travel

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Again, to Daniel

Daniel Tayloe is a bippin;
Do not listen to his lies.
For bippins are not truthful;
They never look you in the eyes.
They try to convince you
that they are of the norm,
but when you cannot see them
they take their native form.
With seven eyes and a hairless tail,
in the night you hear them yell
and scream, a bloodcurdling scream.
Their flesh is green, at times unseen,
and never doubt just how mean
a vicious bippin just can be.
When confronted, you won't see.
They're are so hideous, you'll be blinded.
What you've lost don't try to find it.
If you escape, you've been blessed,
for seldom victims pass their test.
A test unspoken, too horrifying.
If you ask them, they end up crying,
And you'll be trying to make them stop,
but they never will till their heads pop.
And they'll be dead with blood on the floor.
The bippins smell it, they're at the door.
They come to get you, it starts again.
The ever-lasting cycle of the bippin.