Sunday, August 14, 2011


Listen my friends, hear me say
your life could end on any day.
An alien foe could abduct you
or redneck Joe could pick-up truck you.
The ghetto gangsters just might shoot you;
Albion wangsters try to abuse you.
A drunk driver could overrun you;
an abusive cop could tazer-gun you.
A prowling puma could come and eat you,
or a cougar lady could try to meet you.
Your life could end as you slumber;
you could be crushed by falling lumber.
Some greasy foods could heart-attack you
or greasy dudes could fart and nag you

So now you see, life isn't easy;
it can be, at times, quite queasy.
But no matter how weird or hard,
I got my God - my life to guard.

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