Saturday, April 9, 2011


In the beginning God

In the beginning God
created man,
and since the beginning man
has denied God.

What must it feel like
to have your existence denied?
I cannot imagine
the despair I would feel.

Like a parent with a child
who rebels against them
Like foolish children
We rebel against our Father.

Hell is going to be very crowded,
it's so sad.
Many of those I love
refuse to love Love Himself.

How can I love those,
who know not Love?
Better yet -
how can they love me
or anyone at all?

I pray for those who don't believe in prayer
or the Recipient of our prayers.
They need our prayer so badly
and maybe someday
they'll pray themselves.

in the end God
will punish all man
whom He knows not
and after the end those men
will wish they had not denied God.


The time will soon be coming
when your time will run out,
and all you've put off doing
will slowly put you out.
The life you could be living
will soon be leaving you,
and the fun you could be having?
Instead death will have it's fun with you.

So take this life by the horns
and avoid the horns of Satan,
and stay in prayer with the Christ
to avoid the snares of Satan.
So when your time is over
you will have triumphed over time,
and you will be in heaven
to be with God for all time.


Sometimes I am righteous,
sometimes I am wicked;
thankfully all the time
my sin has been forgiven.

For what good is being good
if your bad goes unforgiven?
And how bad is being bad
If being good was all we were given?

If Jesus had not come
and sacrificed his life for us,
we'd have to live near perfect lives
which would never be enough.

So thank you Father for sending Jesus,
and thank you Jesus for your willingness
to be punished unjustly
to save all who love Thee.

From His love that saved me
comes His grace that sustains me.
By His grace that sustains me
I can go by complaint free
knowing that someday,
I will spend everyday
with the creator of all days
and maker of all things:
God the Father,
God the Son - Jesus Christ,
God the Holy Spirit,
The Trinity Divine.


  1. These are really great. I think the last one is my favorite.

  2. Thank you. I think that one is my favorite that I've written too.